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We love films and so do you


Films are our passion and there is nothing we enjoy more than a quiet evening with a good film. Well... almost nothing. Maybe just having lots of films and arranging them is just as enjoyable. The only catch is that when the number of films begins increasing, the task of arranging, sorting, classifying and even remembering what we actually have becomes difficult.


Of course, there is no reason to stop acquring more. After all, the film industry gives us no break. And why should we give up our hobby? We simply love having lots of films. Besides, the more the merrier.


It is for this aim that we have created My Film Kiosk. My Film Kiosk is a software specially designed for the film hobbyist and collector.

My Film Kiosk


My Film Kiosk is a powerful, yet easy-to-use database software to store, organise and manage your personal collection of films. The system is capable of storing thousands of film entries including film name, description, genre, cover image, trailer and even user-defined categories.


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