My Film Kiosk: Video Downloader, Organiser and Player My Film Kiosk:  Video Downloader, Organiser and Player
My Film Kiosk

Video Downloader, Organiser and Player

Download videos from YouTube
Convert videos to audio in mp3

Download, Organise and Play from a single application and centralise all your multimedia entertainment

Video Downloader

To download videos from YouTube and other online video sites has never been easier. And with a video downloader that can handle many simultaneous downloads, you can now download YouTube and other online content in less time. Use our built-in YouTube search to find YouTube videos either by name, user or ID. Then select and download your Youtube video to mp3 or mp4. For other online videos, simply copy and paste the URL of the video. By default, videos are always downloaded as high quality mp4 files and automatically added to your video library. These videos can later also be converted to mp3 files from within your collection. When downloading directly from YouTube to mp3, you can in addition define the start and the end time of the resulting audio file.

Video organiser

As downloading videos from YouTube and other video streaming sites becomes easier, the number of series, documentaries, educational and music videos you have, increases rapidly. To facilitate the task of arranging, sorting, classifying and even remembering the videos in your collection, our video organiser helps you to create your own centralised video library. Add your DVD and Blu-ray discs and manage all your multimedia entertainment from one place. You will also have easy access to download covers and film information with our build-in downloader.

Built-in Video Player

With our smart video player for Windows you can quickly resume interrupted videos and films and even skip unwanted scenes. The video player allows you to view both audio and video files and even pictures as it plays most multimedia files with no codec packs needed (mp4, mov, mkv, avi, flv, mp3 and more), automatically reads subtitle files, supports full screen mode and all the basic functions you can expect from modern video players for the Windows operating system. Compared to some of the best free video players for Windows, like VLC Media Player, Media Player Classic Home Cinema, Windows Media Player, DivX Player, Pot Player, KM Player, ACG Player or GOM Media Player, our media player is a solid alternative, particularly if you are interested in centralising and making your multimedia entertainment more easily available.

Take advantage of three tools seamlessly integrated into one solution.

YouTube downloader for YouTube to mp3 and YouTube to mp4.

Download any YouTube video to mp3 or mp4 alongside its video information and keep your favourite music and videos easily available.

Go beyond book-marking, take control over YouTube and manage thousands of YouTube videos.

Find and download YouTube content to watch offline and take advantage of the built-in video player that allows you to define scenes to skip and to resume watching interrupted videos from where you last left off.

Read How to Download Videos from YouTube to compare our YouTube downloader to a free alternative YouTube video downloader.

Download videos from hundreds of online video sites including TV-channels, news and entertainment.

Build-up your own library and never miss a video.

View any online video offline and take advantage of the built-in video player that allows you to define scenes to skip and to resume watching interrupted videos from where you last left off.

Video downloader for online video sites.
Scanning Video Files in many video formats (mp4, mov, mkv, avi, flv).

Scan you computer and automatically import all your video files. Some of the supported video formats are mp4, mov, mkv, avi, flv.

With all your video files centralised in one place, it will be a breeze to catalogue, organise and enjoy them.

Take advantage of the built-in video player to enjoy all your video files. Our smart media player allows you to define scenes to skip and to resume watching interrupted videos from where you last left off.

Add DVD and Blu-ray discs to your collection by downloading cover and film information directly from our film database using the built-in downloader.

Catalogue, classify and assign unique identifiers to your films so that you always know where to find them.

If you have digitalised copies of your DVD and Blu-ray discs, take advantage of the built-in video player to never have to pick-up a physical disc again.

Built-in downloader to download covers for films and movies.
YouTube and Streaming Site Download Manager.
Download Manager

Quickly resume downloads you have paused. Large and/or multiple downloads can in this way be spread over time for an optimal use of the video downloader.

Define playlists for the video player.

Easily create your own playlists and define the exact order in which videos are played by the video player.

Audio Normalisation.
Normalise Audio

Adjust your videos so that they have the same audio level. High volumes are lowered while low volumes are heighten.

Media Player Skip Scenes.
Skip Scenes

Take control of what you see by automatically skipping scenes you consider inappropriate. A unique feature other video players cannot offer, not even the free VLC Media Player. The multimedia files are never modified.

Video Converter - Convert Video mp4 to Audio mp3.
Convert to Audio (MP3)

Use the built-in video converter and turn your music videos into audio files and listen to them on any device or burn onto a CD. Youtube videos can also be converted on-the-fly by the YouTube downloader.

Film Collection Booklet in PDF.
Booklet (PDF)

Export part or your entire collection to a booklet in PDF-format for easy sharing with family and friends.

DVD and Blu-ray lending.

Share your DVD and Blu-ray discs with family and friends whithout ever losing track on who has borrowed which film, when and for how long.

System Security and password.

Restrict access to your films and videos by password protecting your collection.

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