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Go beyond book marking.


My Film Kiosk Download Film Data


Effortlessly add films to your collection.


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Easily organise your film library.


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Quickly find the film you are looking for.


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Rate your films according to your personal taste.


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Easily keep truck on films being borrowed.


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Get a Free Licence


To obtain a free licence of My Film Kiosk simply do as follws:


  • Download My Film Kiosk

  • Install the software
  • Double-click the installation file and follow the instructions on the screen.


  • Start your 30-day trial period
  • At start-up, you will be prompted to activate My Film Kiosk. Then, simply select Start 30-day trial and click OK.


  • Register
  • Once in My Film Kiosk, select Help/Register. In the log-in dialogue box that appears, click Register and fill out the registration form. Basically, we only require a name and a valid e-mail address. This information is needed only because we have to know to whom the free licence is to be given.


  • Upload 10 film covers
  • Manually enter a film into My Film Kiosk and once you are finished, select it. Then from the menu bar, select Tools/Upload Film and follow the instructions on the screen. Once you have uploaded 10 film covers and its related information, you will be granted a free licence.


  • Activate My Film Kiosk
  • The free licence you are granted, wil not only give you the right to use My Film Kiosk for life, but will also entitle you to free updates and free e-mail support for all 2.xx versions we may release in the future.


Please upload covers of at least 4200x2800 pixels and 400 ppi.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Your contribution will be highly appreciated by both us and other users.


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